Replacement lines for most models: (powered) paraglider, parachutes, wings, kites, etc. We stock multiple brands of Kevlar and Dynema (Spectra) in many different strengths or diameters. Specify the line type, length, strength or diameter and color on the Repair Form. Include the manufacture name and full model name of the canopy. If you send in your canopy and would like us to install the lines, there will be a $5 installation fee per line.

For line orders send us an email and specify which model canopy you would like your lines for. We will then send you a line chart, where you will identify the line(s) you need. Make sure to include your color choice. Mojo's RipAir will make your lines to original specs. 

We highly recommend getting an inspection of the canopy with any new lines, since all of the lines shrink or stretch over time. If you fly an older canopy with new lines on it, the trim might be off. Send it in, and we will replace the lines necessary after the inspection.

Price list:

Replacing a Line : $20
Installation per line: $5

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