1. PPCs: – DO NOT ship risers, steel cables, pulleys, steering line rings or any other hardware with the canopy other than the quick links the lines end in. If these are shipped with the canopy, there is an automatic $20 handling fee added to the final invoice.  PLEASE leave the steel quicklinks on the lines though.
2. PG/PPGs: DO NOT take the risers off.
3. DO NOT tape or wrap the lines, no cable ties.
4. DO NOT ship a wet canopy.
1. DO send your canopy in a stuff sack or carrying bag.
2. DO leave the lines connected to the metal links at the end of the lines.
3. DO include the Repair Form with your information with the canopy- the Repair Order is only needed to mark repairs.
4. DO send the canopy owner’s manual if possible.
5. DO include a check for the inspection ($190 for PPC, $190 for Paragliders)

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